Welcome to my online library! The following sections contain my personal essays and annotated primary sources that I’ve made available for educational and research purposes. I’ll be updating this page with new content as time permits.


A City Upon A Homo Hill

A City Upon A Homo Hill is a collection of essays on media representations and interpretations of Korean homosexuality and AIDS in the 1980s. The essays partition the decade into three time frames:

  1. The years prior to the arrival of AIDS in South Korea,
  2. The arrival of AIDS in South Korea, and
  3. The consequences of its arrival in the late 1980s

The essays also provide a brief background on the politics of South Korean history and its effects on its society and cultural values prior to analyses.

Title Date
Foreword May 1, 2016
A Brief Introduction to the 1980s Korean Gay History June 12, 2016
Ingraining the Culture of Military Masculinity via Legislation July 5, 2016
Ingraining the Culture of Military Masculinity via Media Control August 3, 2016
Defining Sexual Categories in Pre-AIDS South Korea September 14, 2016
The Premonition of AIDS in South Korea November 3, 2016
Rock Hudson, Foreign Homosexuality, and AIDS November 28, 2016
The Categorical Divergence of Korean Homosexuality December 2, 2016
Contaminating Cis and the Korean Gei Frenzy December 18, 2016
Religion and Korean Male Homosexuality January 10, 2017
From Gei to Homo, Korean Homosexuality Transformed January 21, 2017
Afterword February 1, 2017

Annotated Sources

The following section contains uncommon primary sources that helped to shape my understanding of modern Korean history. I’ve also included my annotations for personal reference. I hope that they will be helpful to future academics and researchers in this field of research.

Note: The following sources are available online for educational and research purposes in accordance with the fair use clause in Article 28 of South Korea’s Copyright Act.

Title Category Last Updated
Lesbos Was Not The First Lesbian Bar in South Korea LGBTQ March 23, 2019